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Maggie Hayward who has suffered back pain for 40 years has produced this unique, warm, informative and uplifting video/dvd.

The exercise video/dvd ‘Fighting Back’, breaks new ground in that all those taking part including TV presenter Judi Spiers and Maggie Hayward are all genuine back pain sufferers.

This revised edition of ‘Fighting Back’ features an exercise routine, used in Pain Management, which has been designed to help sufferers cope with every day life and show that they are not alone in their stress and pain.

Backcare (formerly known as The National Back Pain Association):

" To date this is unquestionably the best exercise video/dvd for people with back pain that I have seen."

Lisa Roberts - Chair of BackCare's Education Committee and Physiotherapist lecturer and practitioner at Southampton University Hospital.

Fighting Back is used by many NHS hospitals, in prevention programmes and by large companies.

Fighting Back DVD 

Order your copy of 'Fighting Back' for £7.99 (including p&p).

DVD and NTSC available. ( includes leaflet with exercises shown) . For details e-mail or telephone Maggie Hayward 020 8337 4410