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tel: 020 8337 4410
Specialist Pain Physio Clinics in Kingston and South West London for expert treatment of chronic pain, chronic injury, recurring sports injuries & chronic conditions.
Vista Diagnosics: directly opposite waterloo station, open 7 days a week with MRI scans starting at 200.00. You can be referred by your GP,consultant, Physiotherapist,Osteopath or Chiropractor. Results within 24 hours.
Scoliosis treatments, support and advice
Database of Individual interviews, generic problems
Pain Support is a not-for-profit informative and supportive organisation for those with chronic pain. Contents include pain management techniques 'Survival Skills', a confidential contact club for friendship and support, a lively and regular Newsletter and a very busy discussion page. Also details of recommended books and tapes, information on nutrition and a wide range of complementary therapies.
National charity, information, products, support line and lots more.
Pain World (Ex-Australian Chronic Pain Association) - An excellent support group for those with chronic pain. Well worth a visit.
Living with Chronic Pain CD and Cassette. Excellent site. Please go and take a look.
The Worldwide Congress on Pain. All the information you want to know about chronic pain.
Full comprehensive recovery programmes for those with chronic pain, and support groups in Canada.
InternationalAssociation for the Study of Pain. This organisation is based in Seattle, USA, but has Chapters throughout the world. This site is mainly for the professional health care provider, but by contactin them they could tell you where you nearestpain management programme is if you live outside of the UK.
This web site has a complete guide to Health Care in the UK.
The Neck and Back Pain Association. A support group service for those with back and neck problems.
NCCHTA, Wessex Institute of Health. Research and Development. Excellent website for those who would like to learn abou the technical side of chronic pain.
The Arachnoiditis Society of America Inc.
The American Pain Society.
The Action and Monitoring Society of New Zealand was formedout of the need for a support groupfor the growing numbers of people suffering from arachnoiditis or chronic pain syndrome (not previuosly diagnosed). There aims include gathering and distributing information on arachnoiditis, to establish a central database and to help you to realise that you are not suffering alone.
The American Chronic Pain Organisation. Full comprehensive recovery programmes for those with chronic pain. Support groups worldwide, including the UK.
The Pain Society (UK). Organisation for pain proffesionals.
Thrive gardening and horticulture for training, therapy and health. Lots of useful information and publications. provides directories for finding Therapists/Counsellors. A comprehensive site for public and professionals