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An NHS run programme in your area with a senior trainer and a lay person.

A free course for people who want to gain control of their chronic condition – this is a generic course for any chronic illness.

The course is designed to help people living with a long-term condition to learn how to manage their illness and live a better life in spite of this. Over the six weeks you will learn ways to help cope with many problems associated with your chronic condition. i.e. self-management, relaxation, importance of diet, exercise, communication with your Health provider, family and friends, action planning and looking to the future.

The EPP involves six weekly sessions, each lasting 2 ½ hours. There will be brief talks, open discussion and a 20-minute coffee or lunch break. These programmes are being piloted across the UK.

You will be asked to complete a form on arrival to enable the NHS to analyse the outcome for data purposes only – the content is confidential. You will be given a comprehensive Handbook covering all aspects of the course and further useful information.

Ask you GP for details or contact the EPP on 0845 606640

"I completed the Expert Patients Programme in September 2003 at Kingston PCT and found it very rewarding. You are in a mixed group 11-16 people and the atmosphere is very informal. Although the course is generic (any illness) I was surprised at how many symptoms we all shared especially fatigue, frustration and the future. Its amazing what they squeeze into 6 weeks. Some people were quite angry and frustrated but you saw this melt away with each passing week. The empathy you gain from being in a group is priceless. I thought I handled my problems well but was amazed at how much I learnt. Everyone in our group gave positive feedback" Maggie Hayward