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Having back pain can often leave you feeling lonely and isolated. Unless you have suffered it is often hard to comprehend the debilitating effect back pain can have on our lives – a fellow sufferer will understand exactly how one feels. A local back pain friend could be the start of your recovery, someone to share the bad days and celebrate the good. Empathy is a wonderful healer. Try and find someone, as close to home as possible to enable you to be become e-mail friends with a goal to meeting for coffee or drink (in a public place) in the near future.

To find a back pain friend or add yourself to the list, click on the appropriate area of the map.

Please note:

When you initially leave your details DO NOT give your home address – build a relationship first – E-mail is anonymous.

We would love to hear your back friend stories and sincerely hope you find one soon – please be patient as this is a new project.

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